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Event Curation &Arts Programming

Emma works closely with clients to dream up new concepts; develop themes or narratives; expand existing programmes and explore new entertainment ideas.  Helping to shape or support venue or brand identity along the way.​  


Event programmes may be comprised of gigs, theatrical performances, talks, workshops or outdoor activities, designed to cater for audience capacities ranging from an intimate 30 people through to crowds of 30,000 or more.  Spanning across the following areas... 

The Juke Joint Stage. Wilderness Festival

Photography by Fanatic. Wilderness Festival

How it works

Emma can suggest artists, speakers, facilitators and organisations, and provide line-ups, timetables, or curated event calendars that respond to audience demographic goals, company ethos and marketing aims, whilst working within budget requirements.

Programming Services include

Consultancy & strategy presentations 

Brainstorms & creative meetings 

Availability research & event pitches

Artist bookings & contracting

Once all aspects of the programming strategy or provisional line-ups have been agreed upon, Emma can manage communications with artists and partners on your behalf if required. 


Please see our Artist Bookings page for more information

or contact Emma to arrange a chat. 

Audience Development

Emma works closely with clients to fully understand their target audience, company ethos and core objectives.  This enables her to advise on programming strategies and content which can help audience growth, as well as audience retention over time.   


With a background in Festival Marketing Management as well as Arts Programming, Emma is in a unique position to appreciate the intrinsic relationship between the two.  

Citadel Festival

Photography by Fanatic. Citadel Festival

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