Arts Programming

Emma can offer up new programming ideas or expand on existing programmes, and help you explore new entertainment possibilities. Working with you to dream up new concepts or narratives, develop creative themes, suggest artists and organisations, or generate a complete full programme of events.


Emma can provide example timetables with ideas, or propose individual entertainment options, responding to your desired demographic aims or brand ethos. Depending on your needs, this could take place in the form of artist bookings, introductions, presentations, consultancy documents or meetings.

Emma can create a range of multi-arts programmes spanning across; live music, late night parties, theatre & performance arts, dance productions & masterclasses, wellbeing & therapies, talks & debates, outdoor workshops, arts & crafts, food & dining, sports & games, comedy & cabaret, circus & spectacles, as well as kids & family focused programmes. 

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Networks & Partnerships

Emma can suggest artists, creative organisations, theatre & performance companies and cultural institutions which will meet and complement your core objectives.  Enabling you to extend your network, develop new content and reach new audiences. Emma can manage key relationships and communications on your behalf, or make personal introductions should the project require.

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Audience Development

Working with you to best understand your target audience and desired demographics, Emma can advise on which programming strategies can help grow your event, whilst also encouraging your core audience to return. Working closely with you to develop an audience development strategy through a programming lens.

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Experiential Marketing

Emma can facilitate discussions and brainstorms around audience journeys, concepts and narratives, and delve into the very best ways your stories could be told, your ideas illuminated and the most exciting ways your messages could be brought to life.

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Please email to find out more or for a full list of services available. 


"As a dramaturg, Emma can apply theatrical thinking to the curation of events, placing the audience experience at the very heart of the decision-making process."

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