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Performance Devising & Dramaturgy

Emma's work as a performance maker and dramaturge is predominately based within devised, interdisciplinary, or multi-disciplinary performance and theatre practices.  With a non-traditional dramaturgy practice, Emma has a highly scenographic and concept-based approach to performance making, which is echoed in her processes when working with theatre-makers and directors. 

'Delirium' By Riptide Theatre Company. Photography by Urban Conceptz

Riptide Immersive Theatre Company

Emma is particularly interested in performance composition and structures, and how the readership and meaning of performance material may alter depending upon how the material is directed, staged and arranged.


Her process often evaluates the relationships between the performance concept, aesthetic, and content; aiming to find a coherent language throughout the work as a whole.


Emma's own devised performance work plays with layering, fragmenting, and juxtaposing performance material, disciplines and narratives.

Practitioners, Collaborators & Companies

David Shearing

David Shearing is a multi-award-winning artist who creates immersive multimedia environments and spaces.

Variable Matter creates bold, transformative events and experiences, placing people at the heart of the process. A collective of world leading creatives with the clear mission to transform everyday situations into magical and meaningful events.

Riptide create unique immersive and interactive theatrical experiences which transport you to another world. Audiences are swept through the narratives, spaces and cities in which our performances occur.

Richard and Abby Young founded Tall Tails Theatre Company in February 2019 in order to make theatre accessible for people in Somerset, the south-west, and for national and international festivals. They believe that everyone should be able to enjoy theatre, and make their shows with that in mind.

IJAD is leading the exploration of movement, science and technology. Through engagement and research, they collaborate with communities and create opportunities for all.  They use dance and digital technology to explore the big scientific themes such as space and gravity and their impact upon human health and wellbeing.

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