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Emma's Expertise

Emma Purvis

Emma is an expert in experience design, concept development, creative ideation and multi-arts programming. 


She currently works freelance for an impressive client base spanning arts venues, festivals, experiential agencies and immersive theatre companies. 

Emma has worked in the events industry for over 20 years. Having worked on at least 4 major festivals from their conception, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing new festivals, shaping their identity, devising unique programmes, generating audience development strategies and implementing effective event processes. 


With a background in festival and arts marketing, as well as arts programming, Emma is in a unique position to appreciate the interwoven relationships between branding, marketing, programming, production and design. 

Emma specialises in writing, inventing and developing themes, concepts and narratives for live events, theatre and brand activations.

With a First-Class degree in Performance Making and expertise in Sceneographic Design and Dramaturgy, Emma embarks on experience design with a theatre-making approach.

Emma places the audience experience at the very heart of her processes. And loves to work collaboratively with her clients in order to find the most exciting and effective ways to communicate their stories and ideas through authentic live experiences.

She is highly skilled in integrating brand activations into different environments, with the aim of connecting with audiences in rich, intelligent, engaging and relevant ways.

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