Performance and Theatre Dramaturgy 

Emma acts as an advocate for the audience's experience throughout the devising process.


Through watching and feeding back on a one-off or multiple rehearsals; suggesting devising tasks and exercises; exploring scenographic concepts; reviewing scripts or mood boards; or simply having lots of phone calls, brainstorms and conversations around structure, narrative and design, the process can help generate new material, throw up new ideas, or fine-tune existing works.

Through an initial online consultation / casual conversation we can establish the best approach to suit your own unique needs, project and devising process.  As well as explore the areas which you feel would be most beneficial.  One hour sessions are available on an adhoc basis. Through to a more structured resource with in-depth involvement throughout. 

Emma is particularly interested in performance composition and structures, and how the readership and meaning of performance material may alter depending upon how it is arranged.  In her own work, Emma often plays with layering, fragmenting, and juxtaposing performance material, disciplines and narratives.  And often places an importance on evaluating the relationship between the work's creative concept, its' aesthetic in delivery and the content matter or narrative itself.


Emma has ran creative sessions and workshops with the following artists and companies:

Tall Tails Theatre Company, Riptide Immersive Theatre Company, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, David Shearing, IJAD Dance Company, BitterSuite, Variable Matter, The WhatWorks,

The Blueprint Project, Nicola Chalmers, as well as various in-house works for Wilderness Festival

and The Secret Garden Party. 

'Delirium' By Riptide. Photography by Urban Conceptz

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