Concept Development

We understand events. When it comes to dreaming up new experiential concepts, thrilling activities, or entertainment for parties and festivals, we often find that it is in the writing process that the ideas themselves begin to solidify and make sense.


We love writing up options and waiting to see where the words take us...


Pimms at Wilderness Festival

Creating immersive environments and memorable experiences, connecting brands with their audiences in rich and meaningful ways. The results are long lasting and impactful, and can open up a range of possibilities for online extended campaigns long before, or long after the live event itself.

Filson at Wilderness Festival

We can facilitate discussions and brainstorms around audience journeys, concepts and narratives, and delve into the very best ways that your stories could be told, your ideas illuminated and the most exciting ways that your messages can be brought to life. 

HTC at Wilderness Festival
Kimatica at Wilderness Festival

We collaborate closely with a network of industry professionals to achieve visions and concepts. And can make valuable recommendations and introductions if required. 

Laurent Perrier at Wilderness Festival

Collaborators include stage and venue production companies, event suppliers, set designers, immersive theatre makers, scenographers, lecturers, scientists, artists and innovators. 

Sipsmith at Wilderness Festival

​" With a background in theatre-making, scenographic design and dramaturgy, as well as marketing and programming, Emma can act as an additional resource for busy creative and marketing agencies who would like an extra imaginative mind in the mix for experiential and immersive activations."